Burgundy Candy Bar

For the 30th Birthday party of my sister in law I also created a candy bar. I followed all the instructions posted before in: Make your own candy bar. I bought around 10 crystal containers, different types of candy mostly in red and pink colors, some cup cake holders, ribbons, table mats and 30th birthday decorations. Finally I completed the candy bar with some desserts like pop cakes, cup cakes, chocolates, macaroons and marshmallows covered with chocolate. Here I share some pictures.

Burgundy Candy Bar

Burgundy Cupcakes Candy bar

Burgundy  Candy bar

Burgundy  Candy bar

Burgundy Candy Bar

Burgundy Candy Bar

Burgundy Candy Bar

Burgundy Candy Bar



30th birthday cupcakes Luxembourg

For my sister’s in law 30th Anniversary, I wanted to create some special 30th birthday cupcakes! I saw that many people use different sort of things to decorate them such as butter cream, frosting or fondant. I tried both chocolate butter cream and red fondant. The theme was whine red or burgundy, however it was not so easy to create this color in food, this is why the color of the cupcakes is a little bit more bright pink. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

30th birthday cupcakes

30th birthday cupcakes
30th birthday cupcakes30th birthday cupcakes30th birthday cupcakes30th birthday cupcakes30th birthday cupcakes



Pop cakes for wedding Luxembourg

One week ago, I baked this pop cakes for a friends wedding. They were not in the form of a bride and groom like the other ones I posted before, but I think they were still suitable for a wedding since they were specially made in white and chocolate and I added some white ribbons to each one. I will share some pictures with you, I hope you like them

Here was the final result.

Pop cakes for wedding

Pop cakes with coconut and chocolate:

Coconut chocolate pop cakes

Pop cakes with almonds and chocolate:

Almonds chocolate pop cakes

Pop cakes with chocolate chips:

Chocolate chips pop cakes

Pop cakes with chocolate pearls:Chocolate pearls pop cakes

Pop cakes with white chocolate:

White chocolate pop cakes

All the pop cakes:

All wedding pop cakes

All the pop cakes

Preparing the pop cakes trays:

Wedding pop cakes

Pop cakes ready to be delivered:

Wedding pop cakes prepared


Example of decoration

In the next weeks I will create a candy bar for a 30th Birthday. I still have to choose the theme together with the client. However I thought I could share will you some essentials to create a candy bar:

Step 1: Get some containers

Buy different containers in transparent glass or plastic so the candies can be seen. The containers can be in different sizes and shapes like apothecary jars, flower containers, cake holders, baskets or bases. It is recommended that the containers are not so big so the amount of candies needed to fill them in is less, however if you choose to get big containers you can try filling in some with flowers or fruits to gain space.

Containers for candy bar

Step 2: Create depth and height

Get some boxes, bases or something that can be hidden under the table cover to create some height and different levels to place the containers. A second option is to buy some small racks, candle holders or bookcases to place them on top of the table cover as part of the decoration.

Items for height on candy bar

candy bar levels

Step3: Add some decoration

You can use the space out of the table to decorate even further the candy bar such as the wall behind placing a nice background poster or pattern, the ceiling hanging some pom poms, paper lamps or banners. In the table as well apart from candies and desserts you can add some trimmings such as ribbons, flower petals, stones or pearls.

Decoration for candy barDecoration lamps candy barPaper deco for candy bar

Example of decoration

Step 4 Extra materials

Don’t forget to add the scoops and individual bags or boxes so your guests can serve themselves. The scoops are recommended to be also transparent so they can match the containers or in silver if your containers are like this.

scoops_candy bar_scoops

Step 5 Choose a theme

Now that you have all the essential materials you can choose a specific theme or color for the candy bar, this can be from a color to a specific character. Adapt the materials such as boxes and containers all to the theme, you can do this with personalized labels and ribbons on each container and some wrapping of the boxes or racks. You can also buy extra decorations according to the theme and add the name of the person or event to each thing. Additionally add some picture frames and tags or letters to the candy bar.

Step 6 Get some candies

The candies you buy will depend on the theme colors mainly you can work closely with your client to choose the type of candies and recommend some amounts and shapes. It is recommended to consider from 5 to 10 different types of candies and desserts to have a variety on your candy bar.

colorful-candies for candy bar

Step 7 Additional desserts

If you wish your candy bar to be more than that, you can add some extra desserts such as cupcakes, pop cakes, chocolates, covered apples, cookies, donuts, pop corn, marshmallows, fruits, chips, peanuts, etc. It all depends of what your client wants, the audience and the theme.

Step 8 Consider the cake

Normally the cake is a decoration itself, so why not placing it in the candy bar to make it look nicer and add a visual diversity.

And now you have made your candy bar, it is not as easy and cheap as it looks but you will definitely will have fun in the process of creating it!


Cupcake notebook

A tendency I have seen in some stores in Luxembourg is a cupcake collection, like Maisons du Monde and Casa, including a wide variety of decoration products for home with cupcakes theme, which I personally love and I wish I could buy all of them.  Some other stores like Lush and HEMA have many cup cakes products as part of their products offer.

Maisons du Monde Poesie Collection and CASA Summer Collection:

maisons du Monde Cupcake deco

Cupcakes deco table

If you wish to find more cup cakes products you can visit this blog I found: All Things Cupcake which has a lot of nice ideas and cupcake products, such as rugs, pillows, puffs, etc.


wood slice wedding decor

On the weekend I had the opportunity to go to a really nice wedding with a very original idea of rustic/wood/nature decoration. I made a research on the web to find some pictures of similar weddings and ideas for this type of deco, and this is what I found.

Many of the pictures I found on the web were similar to the ideas they implemented in the wedding such as the table numbers, the center pieces etc. Here I provide some of the pictures I took in the wedding, with the nature and wooden decorations. I hope you enjoy.

Nature wedding froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

re wedding deco froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

cake pops nature wedding froggy frogs



Wedding pop cakes Luxemnbourg

On the weekend I had the opportunity to create 300 cake pops for my friends wedding. I was so happy to be able to do it, however the process was harder than it looked. As I refereed on my previous post: Wedding pop cakes and cup cakes this new tendency for weddings looks really nice, however to make such beautiful things is not easy as it seems. After several days of baking and help from some friends here was the result:

Wedding pop cakes 2

Wedding pop cakes 3

Wedding pop cakes 4

Wedding pop cakes 6

Other complementary pop cakes were also made. I hope you liked the pictures and hopefully next time I can improve my baking skills.