1920's speakeasy party

Hi everyone!

Happy new year! To start 2014, we had to organize Eric’s 28th Birthday Party, this time it was difficuilt to get ideas, since we were on holidays until one week before, and he needed a theme of a grown up man, so no more disney movies themes =).

The idea of making a 1920’s Speakeasy Birthday Party came when he decided to buy a lot of cigars in Mexico. He said he would love to smoke them with his friends, so he bought a wide variety of them in different sizes a flavours. This is when I thought we could do something related to the 1920’s mafia and Speakeasy times, when the cigars and alcohol where not allowed.

The first thing I did, of course was to on the web and on Pinterest and start looking for ideas of similar parties and decoration, and I made an inspirational board with the pictures I found:

1920's speakeasy party

1920's speakeasy party

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Later we just told all the guests to come dressed like in the 1920’s, we played some 1920’s music and we gave some special alcohol and cigars. It was a pretty easy party and quite fun.

You can see some pictures below:

375730_10152142184803048_2068816373_n   1528545_10152142184953048_1066805493_n

1613936_10152142184798048_1341831038_n  1920's birthday  1920s party froggy  1920's party 1920's house party froggy frogs


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