Pop cakes for wedding Luxembourg

One week ago, I baked this pop cakes for a friends wedding. They were not in the form of a bride and groom like the other ones I posted before, but I think they were still suitable for a wedding since they were specially made in white and chocolate and I added some white ribbons to each one. I will share some pictures with you, I hope you like them

Here was the final result.

Pop cakes for wedding

Pop cakes with coconut and chocolate:

Coconut chocolate pop cakes

Pop cakes with almonds and chocolate:

Almonds chocolate pop cakes

Pop cakes with chocolate chips:

Chocolate chips pop cakes

Pop cakes with chocolate pearls:Chocolate pearls pop cakes

Pop cakes with white chocolate:

White chocolate pop cakes

All the pop cakes:

All wedding pop cakes

All the pop cakes

Preparing the pop cakes trays:

Wedding pop cakes

Pop cakes ready to be delivered:

Wedding pop cakes prepared



wood slice wedding decor

On the weekend I had the opportunity to go to a really nice wedding with a very original idea of rustic/wood/nature decoration. I made a research on the web to find some pictures of similar weddings and ideas for this type of deco, and this is what I found.

Many of the pictures I found on the web were similar to the ideas they implemented in the wedding such as the table numbers, the center pieces etc. Here I provide some of the pictures I took in the wedding, with the nature and wooden decorations. I hope you enjoy.

Nature wedding froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

re wedding deco froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

nature wedding deco froggy frogs

cake pops nature wedding froggy frogs



Wedding pop cakes Luxemnbourg

On the weekend I had the opportunity to create 300 cake pops for my friends wedding. I was so happy to be able to do it, however the process was harder than it looked. As I refereed on my previous post: Wedding pop cakes and cup cakes this new tendency for weddings looks really nice, however to make such beautiful things is not easy as it seems. After several days of baking and help from some friends here was the result:

Wedding pop cakes 2

Wedding pop cakes 3

Wedding pop cakes 4

Wedding pop cakes 6

Other complementary pop cakes were also made. I hope you liked the pictures and hopefully next time I can improve my baking skills.

Wedding purple deco

Purple Wedding Decor

I would like to share with you some pictures of a wedding in Mexico. The amazing thing about this wedding was that the theme color was purple, and the wedding designer managed to decorate everything in an elegant purple theme, with more that 1000 lights. The wedding included a really nice candy bar and a huge cake made out of cup cakes.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wedding turquoise deco

Turquoise wedding deco

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to share with you some decorations in blue and white I planned for the tables of my wedding. The theme of the wedding was turquoise blue and white, and we concentrated of creating an atmosphere that could reflect this theme to all of our guests.

The first step started with the invitations, which had a blue turquoise ribbon and silver letters.

The second element was the bridesmaids dresses were chosen in the same color and with a traditional but beautiful design.

The bouquets for each bridesmaid contained white and blue painted roses with blue ribbons.

On the entrance of the place of the reception; some candles were addded to the stairs to make the place in a  more romantic mood.

In addition to this, the decoration of the tables, where designed with white table clothes and blue napkins, turquoise blue rose petals and big tree – flower ornaments with hanging candles.

A dessert table was added with the cups of vanilla and raspberry cream. The table was iluminated in blue and with white and blue rose petals were added as decoration.

Finally it was really important to concentrate on the lightening, to create a blue romantic atmosphere, the room was illuminated only with blue led lights in every meter and the light of the candles on the table.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!